First WP Problem

WordPress apparently doesn’t let me (easily) put fake HTML tags in my posts, even if I use HTML entities like < — it seems there’s a double decode going on.

(To get that to appear I had to type & amp ; amp ; lt ; (without the spaces).

I like to do things like <grin> in my posts…

*Update:* it looks like the problem is the fixEntities() function in the textile2 plugin…

posted at 10:27 pm on Wednesday, June 02, 2004 in Site News | Comments (2)


  1. Reid says:

    So did you fix the plugin and send the changes upstream?

    Can you tell I am browsing your site-related entries to see how the whole WordPress thing went? :-)

  2. Harald says:

    No, my WordPress Fu isn’t good enough yet; I’m still working around the problem.

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