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Some idiot script kiddy wiped out our bandwidth again today. He could have an automated tool, or he could be doing it manually. He’s trying to post comment spam to, but he’s repeatedly fetching pages over and over again (presumably to see if his comments are getting published or not).

The problem is that David’s pages are large (and getting larger all the time); an average of 200Kb each. So this spammer has single-handedly downloaded at least 70Mb of data today!

It’s one thing to try to abuse my server to get a site ranked higher in Google. It’s another thing entirely to waste _my_ bandwidth in the process!,, and just made it into the blackhole list…

posted at 1:18 pm on Thursday, June 03, 2004 in Security, Site News | Comments (4)


  1. David Brake says:

    I was kept busy removing the comment spam this created on the other end today as well (unfortunately, the script kiddies are starting to randomise their IP addresses and choose from long lists of URLs so IP address or URL blocking is less effective). Makes me think the only long-term solution to comment spam may be one of these type in the numbers from an image plug-ins. Though apparently determined spammers are actually doing it by hand! AARGH!

  2. joy says:

    What about comment moderation in WP?

  3. Harald says:

    I’m using WP, and (as you can see) comment moderation is working.

    David’s still using MovableType, and his weblog is quite popular…

  4. I would recommend you setup some type of image number system so bots can’t spam!

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