My Wish List

Here’s a “miscellaneous stuff” wishlist I’ve been carrying around for a while. Overstruck items I’ve obtained :-).

* America’s Test Kitchen’s “Family Baking Book”: Their recipes are actually _tested_!. “Baking Illustrated”: looks good too, although I wonder how much overlap there would be.
* “Silpat baking sheets”: – I have it on good authority that Silpat brand is worth the price premium…
* “Eye-Fi”: – Wifi capable memory card for cameras
* “20-sided fuzzy dice”: what can I say, I’m a D20 nerd too…
* “-brushed steel adventure dice-“: – the giant steel D20 is cool too!
* “Levenger Circa Starter Kit”:|level=2-3|pageid=5574
* “Super Secret Spy Lens”: (for candid photography)

games that look interesting:


* “Small World”:


* “Pandemic”: – cooperative wipe out the virus game.
* “Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game”: – some players get to be zombies!

There was nothing interesting on the 2007 list :-(


* “Masons”:
* “Tempus”:


* “Niagara”:
* “Shadows over Camelot”:
* “Ticket to Ride”:

Other stuff:

* curling shoes
* curling pants

* GURPS Space books – reference material if I ever get my campaign started.
* “Traveller”: has been republished!

* “Pocket Briefcase”:|Level=2-3|pageid=5465|Link=Txt

* “Books / Music / DVDs”:

* I have a “Lee Valley Wish List”: although it’s a catch-all for “nice to have” as well as “must have”…

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  1. Reid says:

    What, no plasma HDTV?

  2. Harald Koch says:

    No, the CPR (Cost Pleasure Ratio) on plasma (or any HDTV) is still too high.

  3. Helge Koch says:

    We bought an HDTV after our trusty old Magnavox died. Got a Panasonic Veisa 27 inch just two days after the price was dropped from $1700 to $1300, making the CPR palateable. It has been a fab thing to watch. This model has the processor that turns standard TV signals into HD automatically. We got a Rogers HD box for a while but never once used it for HD. Gave it back. Waste of $, that. Movies are great on this set because of the automatic conversion to HD.
    Cheers, Helge.

  4. chk says:

    Everything changes in a year, of course. HP is now making TVs, so I get the employee discount. I’ve also been looking at HP projectors, since our family room has two large walls suitable for projecting large images.

    Still, we’re happy with our existing TV; I probably won’t do anything until it dies. And somewhere in the back of my mind is still a vague desire to watch less TV and read more books :)

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