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Quebec has 75 seats in the House of Commons. Quebec has the Bloc Québécois, a Federal party that really serves Quebec interests over those of the country (if you believe their critics, anyway :-).

Ontario has 106 seats in the House. I think we should form and elect the Ontario party and get _our_ special interests taken care of at the Federal level…


I thought I was being funny, but then I went digging around on the “Elections Canada”: website, and found that “The Ontario Party of Canada” does/did exist, but lost their eligibility to be registered. I found a “canoe article”: describing the party and its brief history.

I guess I’m not as original as I thought :-)

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  1. Greg Wilson says:

    There already is a party in Ottawa that represents Ontario’s interests at the expense of those of the rest of the country: the Liberals.

    — Greg “I’m from the West, eh” Wilson

  2. Jeff K says:

    The Liberals *are* the Ontario party. I have relatives in Alberta, and they tell me this. Actually, I’ve started to notice that any region that has oil contains people who think all the money from oil is theirs.

    This is problematic because Calgary is in Alberta and Alberta is in Canada, and the companies making all of the money are *public* (that is, world-wide), and oil companies are some of the most widely held stocks. In my experience (so far), oil company shareholders are not being as badly reamed as say, tech stock folks. Hm, I was going somewhere with this. Oh well.

  3. JitterbugP says:

    Maybe not right now, but 20 some years ago the Government of Canada (Trudeau) decided we should have a made in Canada energy program. It was called the National Energy Program and it devistated the whole economy in Alberta. I doubt any tech stock had to endure this.

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