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I just wrote a simple wordpress filter that automatically creates links to a post if the title of that post (or other ‘link names’ in the post’s metadata) appear in text. I wrote it for the “Queen’s Guard”:http://www.the-gang.ca/roleplay/queensguard/ game log. It gives us a little bit of wiki-ness without having to use a full-blown wiki; I haven’t found any wiki software that I like enough to foist on my non-technical gaming buddies.

If anyone’s interested I can clean it up and post it somewhere.

(Update: It’s published: “Title Links Plugin”:http://blog.cfrq.net/chk/archives/2006/08/02/title-links-plugin/)

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  1. David Brake says:

    I know the textile URL format is appealing but you should be warned that a) it doesn’t transfer across into the RSS feed (at least not as you have it configured now) and if you ever find yourself transferring your blog to another server (as I have done) you may find (as happened to me) that you have loads of old archived material whose links don’t work because the new server doesn’t parse them and translate them. You probably could write a script to translate them on your server of course…

    P.S. When you first mentioned the Queen’s Guard I thought you had joined the Canadian army – some reserve regiment I never heard of. Seemed unlikely of course but…

  2. chk says:

    This appears to only be a problem with the old (rss1.0) feed, which nobody should use anymore. For now I’m redirecting it to the RSS2 feed (which most clients should handle); eventually I’ll disable it altogether.

  3. I am setting up yet another political blog and I am very interested in the plug-in you’ve described for automatically linking between posts and from posts to a bibliography.

    Can I get a copy?

  4. […] was asked for my title links plugin (See wordpress filter), so here it […]

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