south toronto? : Alienation at home, criticism from abroad

I don’t think John Hostettler’s comments have anything to do with terrorism.

What I don’t understand is the actual reason he and his buddies want to close the Canada – U.S. border.

Can either of my readers enlighten me?

*Update:* There is one simple explanation floating around. Some factions within the US want to close the southern borders (both Mexico and Carribean), without creating the perception that they are singling out those borders for special treatment. For that to work, they have to close the Canadian border too.

Also, this is an election year, and politicians are experts at playing on irrational fears…

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  1. Reid says:

    He’s a convicted terrorist felon. (He tried to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane) Why do you care? :-)

    I would be curious to see intelligence numbers on known terrorist cell members in the US vs Canada, and whather the US is a “terrorist threat” to Canadian borders. Fsck ya. (Um, how do you feel about profanity in blog comments? Feel free to edit those last two words and this question)

  2. Jeff K says:

    A border is just a good place to filter for lawbreakers.

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