They’re Still Here….

Three weeks later there’s still a raccoon in my attic; She either doesn’t want to come out, or is too stupid to find the trap door on the “soffits”: At one point we thought she was gone, because there were no noises in the attic for days, but then suddenly there were again.

I’m going nuts listening to animal sounds above my head :-)

Update: she spent all night Sunday/Monday clawing at the (repaired, reinforced) soffits above my bed. No sleep makes for an extremely grumpy Harald.

Update 2: Apparently the trap door has been used, and there are footprints in the snow on the roof. So the noise we heard (all night) was probably our delinquent tenant trying to get back into the house. I certainly hope so…

posted at 12:14 pm on Sunday, March 06, 2005 in Personal | Comments (2)


  1. StickHippo says:

    Maybe, like me, she doesn’t know what a soffits is…

  2. Harald says:

    They’re the flat underside of the eaves, which in turn are the bits of the roof that stick out past the walls of the house…

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