Feast to Famine

I haven’t tripped over many interesting things in BlogSpace lately (everybody’s arguing about the Power Law stuff instead). My thoughts are mundane, like deciding what I’m going to have for lunch, or when I am going to have time to go sample those Reid’s Dairy one-point cheescakes :-).

Seems like a couple of months ago I had too many things to blog about, and now I’ve got too few. Ah well; it’s winter, and time for sitting by the fire[place] with a good book. Come spring the world will quicken again, and by August I’ll be rambling about anything just for an excuse to stay in the air conditioning.

Speaking of which, I just gotta love a climate with a 50°C seasonal temperature swing. Last summer the A/C couldn’t keep up with the 39°C afternoons, and yesterday my son’s ski trip was cancelled because it was -11°C (with a 45-65 km/h wind.!). The new high-efficiency furnace ran for 13 hours yesterday; good thing we replaced the old one in December!

Anyway, I’m off to play with Wiki technolgy some more; I might convert Adanflaen Nights over, and/or use 0xDECAFBAD‘s Wiki + MovableType combination. A Wiki makes more sense for static reference content like the game information pages, while a weblog makes more sense for the campaign notes stuff. Hmm…

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