MovableType 2.6

Well, everyone else is doing it….

“MovableType 2.6”: has been released. The upgrade was quite painless; the only major thing I’ve done so far is to update my comments form a little bit, and install “Brad Choate’s(Brad Choate)”: new “MT-Textile(MT-Textile)”: plugin. (This entry is formatted using it :-).

Major features of interest to me:

* the new formatting plugins, and the fix to the “Convert Line Breaks” HTML formatter that allows blockquotes. These two were my biggest issues with MT. The Textile formatter will make it easier to format entries in “Adanflaen Nights(Adanflaen Nights)”: , and the HTML exclusions fix means I’ll almost never have to unset “Convert Line Breaks” in my weblog.
* The Sanitize plugin (only because I’m slightly paranoid).
* bug fixes (which are always good).

The other new stuff I can take or leave; they’re not relevant to any of my blogs. Still, nice to have a new release, and even better to have well-supported software like this!

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  1. Debbie says:

    I love the new version as well. I am leery about trying out Textile yet because of an apparent bug that causes a server error while rebuilding. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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