Elves and Pirates

Imagine a world where elves weren’t a vanishing race whose glories were well behind them. Imagine that the lands of men are growing stronger. Since a battle between fleets would be suicide, mankind must resort to piracy…

Quick halfling sailors climb through the riggings of human and elvish ships alike, cutting the seas in great sailing ships armed with dwarven cannon. It’s rumored that some gnomish inventors are fast at work at an engine powered by steam that could revolutionize sea travel. Muskets sound and steel clashes in the final years before the long-promised upheaval, the war of mastery between man and elf, finally begins.

The Elvish Main Sounds like a fabulous environment to play in; I can’t wait to hear more :-)

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  1. Ruby says:

    Hey there Harald!!

    I found your blog and was surprised and pleased to do so. Two children now…and I remember when Michaela and yourself were expecting your first baby. Time flies. Just thought I would pop in and wish you and your family the best.

    Take care.

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