IPv6 revisited

Since I enabled IPv6 on www.cfrq.net, I’ve received no IPv6 traffic other than my own, and a couple of curious onlookers from the IPv6 webbug’s log site.

I’ve been having lots of trouble with zebra; several bugs in OSPF6D and RIPNGD continue to plague me, so I can’t keep dynamic routes up-to-date. Static routing is too much work, especially with my laptop which changes networks at least twice per day.

IPv6 on Windows 2000 works ok, but often when I apply an IE service pack, it updates wininet.dll, removing the IPv6 support in the browser. I can re-run the IPv6 installer to put it back, but I wonder what bug fixes I’m stomping on as a result.

PHP for Apache 2 is still experimental, due to the new Apache threading model.

I could have tolerated all of this as a natural side effect of running an experimental network, but the last straw is that the w2k ipv6 and VMware 3.1 are having a feud, causing a BSOD on my computer.

I’m tired of fighting with, and babysitting, IPv6. It’s about to die an ugly death on my network, and good riddance.

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  1. Reid says:

    Maybe it’s Windows you should be saying goodbye to? ;-)

  2. Harald says:

    Probably. Is it a mere coincidence that RedHat 8.0 was announced yesterday, and I just found two different versions of WINE that will allow me to run games and run MS Excel, and Windows multimedia browser plugins, under Linux?

    More in a blog entry.

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