Wow; I’ve been busy this week. Monday night was the moot. Tuesday I joined Weight Watchers, with all of the extra effort that adds to my day. Wednesday was curriculum night at the kids’ school. Tonight we had annual checkups for the kids. I’ve upgraded persephone.cfrq.net, and added a new group of users. Things have been hectic at work; the customers are uppity this week.

None of this leaves much time for reading blogs, never mind writing in one…

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  1. Reid says:

    Augh! I hate these little post windows. They keep losing my previous text and I can’t go back and fix it!!!

    Okay, last time I’m gong to write this: there was an article in the New York Times — http://www.diabetes-normalsugars.com/articles/fatlie.shtml (probably copied without permission, but hey) — about low-fat/calorie diets versus low-carb diets. It’s a good read. There’s always other points of views on things that the majority of people don’t hear very often, as you know very well ;-).

  2. Harald says:


    See What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? in my weblog :-)

    Thanks for the new URL, though!

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