Good week for Spin of the Day

Spin of the Day

I am loving this site. Last week was a particularly good one for stories:

  • Operation Successful, But the Patient Died – No, a prostratectomy won’t let you live longer.
  • Slick Ads Won’t Sell US to Arabs – well, duh.
  • Cattlemen Finally Stop Harassing Oprah – after way to much wasted time and money, a judge threw the whole thing out.
  • Pediatricians With a Corporate Logo – apparently it’s ok to put a Similac (formula) logo on a book about breast feeding. Huh?
  • The Big Lie Continues – more on the whole NEA fabricated scandal.
  • Show Me the Science I Agree With – Dubya is eliminating advisory committees that disagree with him, even when they’re right.
  • Coughing Up the Truth – more on the air around the WTC after the collapse. Yes, it really was contaminated, despite the EPA coverup.

And lots of Iraq news, too.

There’s a short summary; both the government and the media lie with impunity these days. What’s a boy to do?

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