shoulder update

My orthopaedic surgeon is very happy with my shoulder; he thinks the joint has stiffened up nicely, and is unlikely to suffer stability problems. In his words, stiff is good; stiffness can be stretched out with physiotherapy, but looseness only gets fixed with his knives…

I have reasonably good mobility. There are certain directions I can’t move the shoulder, but since those are the “dangerous” directions, it’s all good. He says I’m unlikely to redislocate, at least in the short term, because I can’t actually move the joint into any of the stressful positions likely to cause a second dislocation. (I’m paraphrasing here).

So, I’m off to physiotherapy starting next week. If things get too loose in there, I may yet have to go under the knife, but for now, he recommends waiting.

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  1. Trish Dickson says:

    How did you get in to see a shoulder surgeon so fast????????? It’s usually a 1-2 year wait!!!

  2. chk says:

    I went to ER at NYGH with the original injury; they referred me to the orthopedic clinic at NYGH. Nothing special…


! goes the neighbourhood)!:

I cannot possibly comment further without getting into trouble :-)

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more identity management

more news that’s finally public (the announcement was probably delayed because of the EDS leak :-):

“HP and Novell Announce Migration Program for HP Identity Management Customers”:

bq. As part of an agreement between the companies, HP and Novell will jointly offer migration services, HP will resell Novell identity and security management solutions and Novell will license HP Identity Center technology.

bq. Earlier this year, HP announced it will focus its investment in identity management products on existing customers rather than selling the products to new customers. To ensure that they continue to have access to exemplary identity management solutions, existing HP customers can take advantage of this program and migrate to Novell’s industry-leading offerings. Customers who choose not to migrate will continue to be supported by HP.

Still no concrete news on how this affects me; I still have a job until October 31st, and I’m in limbo beyond that. C’est la vie!

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We can’t watch tv anymore

It seems that our approval of a TV show is the kiss-of-death. Cancelled:

* Journeyman
* Men in Trees
* Moonlight
* New Amsterdam
* Bionic Woman
* Back to You

To be fair, other than Journeyman, these were all interesting ideas that suffered from bad writing, or bad acting, or both. I think Journeyman was a bit too unusual for main stream audiences; it would have succeeded on SciFi or another smaller network, I think.

On the other hand, renewed:

* Chuck
* How I Met Your Mother
* The Big Bang Theory
* Brothers & Sisters
* Pushing Daisies
* All three CSIs (OK, CSI:Miami deserves to die; oh well)
* Kyle XY
* The Closer

So I guess our track record really isn’t _that_ bad… :-)

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  1. Laurie says:

    Just caught Big Bang Theory last week for the first time – hilarious! :) Nerds are becoming very fashionable these days…

  2. chk says:

    We’ve loved that show since the first two eps. And I know more than one person who fits each of the many stereotypes they’ve displayed; Scary!

Debian / Ubuntu and OpenSSL

(See “Debian Security Advisory 1571”: and “SSLkeys”:

This seems appropriate somehow:


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Oh look, a weblog!

So last Wednesday I fell down stupidly and either subluxated or dislocated my right shoulder. I spend just over a week with my right arm in an immobilizer, after which the doc said “take it off”. I’m allowed to do a lot of things, but no “arm above the shoulder” movement and no “external rotation”. The shoulder is a little sore, especially when I first wake up in the morning, but otherwise I can do stuff again!

I’ve been tinkering under the hood recently (that is why I set up this server, after all!). I’m in the process of moving a bunch of the older sites around here to use WordPress MU as the underlying CMS. It’s going well so far, so I should be able to formally move the sites in a couple more weeks. We’ve also finally upgraded Gallery to Gallery2, and there’s an Ubuntu 7.10 → 8.04 upgrade to look forward to!

I need to take more photographs. Maybe it’s time to challenge a few of my friends to 365 (a photo per day for a year)…

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  1. Anita says:

    Yarg – that doesn’t sound fun (shoulder stuff).

    Good luck with computers (yah…whee…am so looking forward to mine).

    Photos – double dog dare you…

  2. wjr says:

    Let me know what you think of Gallery2 (and the upgrade process) – I’ve been wanting to do that for ages and just haven’t got up the energy yet.