Myth TV

May sweeps are over. I still have to watch:

* 2 hours of CSI
* 3 hours of Alias
* 2 hours of The L Word
* 5 hours of Enterprise
* 4 hours of Earthsea
* 3 hours of Dr. Who
* 9 hours of Dr. Who Confidential (i.e. I haven’t started yet :-)
* 7 hours of Numb3rs

It’s a good thing I have an 80Gb drive in that machine!

On the plus side, I’m ahead of Michelle, who is still back somewhere in January on her videotape collection…

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  1. David Brake says:

    Darn – I was sure that we Brits would be able to lord it over the Canadians and Americans for a few months by having seen Dr Who well before you. What did you think of it? I am really quite enjoying it, in a pulp-y sort of way…

  2. Harald says:

    It’s showing on CBC a week after the BBC broadcast. The series started a bit slow, but Dalek and later have been *fantastic*.

    Incidentally, SciFi is carrying the new Battlestar Galactica first this time around, so we get to see it before you :-)

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