a fling

No, I’m not dead. I’ve been busy “doing research”:http://wiki.the-gang.ca/ProposedTrebuchetDesign. Fun!

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  1. Jeff K says:

    “but I’d be nervous about neighbours dragging in bureaucratic city officials and / or police officers” (Harald)

    “Well officer, it’s a large weapon usually used to destroy buildings, but the dictionary just says it’s a military engine for hurling heavy missiles, so we don’t think the “Weapon’s Dangerous” part of the criminal code applies necessarily.”

    “I see. This is because you are on private property, and the property’s insurer has approved this, I take it?”

    “Oh yes, and I even told my buddy Jeff who wanted to build a metal rail-gun to shoot down the missile in flight he was nuts.”

    “Let me see, because he was going to use a laser-tracker with no IFF device?”

    “Oh, you read the regulations?”

    “Er no, we are not at war.”

    [Note: This is a fictional work]

  2. Harald says:

    (laughter) I can only imagine…

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