There was a “major accident on the 401”: this morning. Two trucks collided, and one caught fire. The cleanup closed the express lanes in both direction through Yonge Street during the morning rush hour; traffic was backed up all over the city as a result. (The westbound collectors are under construction through that section, so the highway went from 5 lanes to only 1 through that stretch, if I remember correctly). Worse, the fire damaged the roadbed in the westbound lanes, which means it’ll be a while before they can re-open them. I suppose it’s possible that the fire damaged the underlying bridge structure, in which case we’re completely hosed…

Anyway, I don’t drive the 401 (although I cross over it every day; that was a bizarre sight). However, there was a huge traffic backup across the bottom of the city this morning too; the Gardiner Expressway / DVP were stop and go from about Gerrard all the way across to _Islington_. Apparently our traffic network is so overloaded that a 401 closure causes backups on the other side of the city…

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  1. Reid says:

    So, what route do you take to work? Where is work? Downtown? So you zip down the DVP to.. Richmond? Or do you take the Gardiner across to Jarvis or Spadina or something?

    Inquiring minds want to know! Oh but wait, then terrorists would know your route and you would be targetted for sure!

  2. Harald says:

    I go south on Don Mills to the DVP, then south to the Gardiner, across the bottom of the city where I get off at the Spadina/Lakeshore exit. I take Lakeshore across to Strachan, where I park. Pretty straightforward …

    In the summertime, when traffic is light, I’ll usually get on the DVP at Lawrence instead; saves a few minutes (and avoids several annoying traffic lights). In winter, when traffic is heavier, there’s no point because the DVP is too slow.

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