false security?

That’s the first time _ever_ I’ve had to remove my belt to get through the airport security checkpoint. My wife had to take her shoes off!

Keep in mind, when reading this, that I have travelled in Europe during their anti-terrorism crackdowns; there’s no comparison. The United States is more interested in the appearance of security. For example, I watched two separate TSA agents walk into the bathroom, look at an “abandoned” suitcase sitting there, and walk out again…

Anyway, we’re home, safe and sound. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see the VAB _before_ Frances punched great big holes in it…

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  1. David Brake says:

    Yeah that happened to me too back in September in the US – seemed stupid to me then too. Better hope suicide bombers don’t stick dynamite up their asses!

    Glad you made it back safely…


  2. Jeff K says:

    VAB = Vehicle Assembly Building. Gee, this is the first I heard of it, but intrigued, I found a lot of news, rocket displays are down etc.:

  3. Harald says:

    Wow. About 100 yards from that rocket was the KSC “Hurricane Status” sign that we all posed in front of on our way out (they kicked us out of the visitor center early, and were sandbagging the doors behind us :-).

  4. Debbie says:

    I’ve never heard of belts having to be taken off before. Was the security guard female? ;-)

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