passwords and PKI

“Densise Anthony”: doesn’t mention her security research on her “home page”:, but the “slides from her presentation”: are available on the “Dartmouth PKI Unlocked Summit and Workshop”: page, which I found after a bit of Googling led me to the “Dartmouth PKI Lab Outreach Web Home”: page. There’s a bunch of good stuff buried in there, especially deployment tips, and the “Dartmouth OpenCA – LiveCD”: looks especially interesting; I’m going to try it out in my testing lab soon.

posted at 9:44 am on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 in Security | Comments (4)


  1. Greg Wilson says:

    Your “testing lab”? Does that come complete with lightning rods, bubbling beakers, and an igor?

  2. Harald says:


    Sadly, no. About the only exciting thing about my testing lab is that one of the computers isn’t under the desk, which caught the attention of the Health and Safety droids…

  3. Reid says:

    caught the attention of the Health and Safety droids…“??

    Okay, I sense an untold story here…

  4. Harald says:

    It’s simple, actually. One of my 9 desktops masquerading as servers is _not_ under a desk; it is instead sitting on the floor in front of all of the other computers under the desk. Despite the fact that this is not in a corridor or anything else vaguely resembling anything other than a _desk_, this is apparently a Class B Safety Hazard (insert ominous music here :-)

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