I don’t understand how the “exact”: “same”: fridge can sell for $600 more (almost 40%) with a different _door_. Although I do understand how the same fridge can sell for two different prices, $400 apart, depending on the sticker on the door (Kenmore vs. Whirlpool, in this case :-).

Anyway, we’ve purchased the replacement fridge. I turned the old one off, just in case it decides to catch fire or something useless like that. I took the doors off and cleaned it out, so that it wouldn’t start to smell bad (because the new fridge doesn’t arrive until _Saturday_…).

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  1. Jeff K says:

    The dimensions and Energuide (about $3/year diff.) rating are slightly different. Also $1899-1599 = $300 and you get clear shelves, a wine bin and “ice in the door” and 1 less shelf for your $300. Anyway, the real answer is “don’t pay retail, they just want to catch you in a time of need”.
    For just about anything big I buy now I present an ad from someone else and they either say “You should buy it there”, or “We can beat it by 10%”. I would start with Homeshow, Tasco and Goodmans(sp?) before I would venture to the Brick, Leons or Sears. Actually, they all have their niche, I guess (and in fact, Homeshow *is* the Brick… they just have a fantastically huge warehouse I like to poke around in). I’m starting to think Best Buy might be a good place to pop into as well. That said, I think I just don’t go to the local Brick, Leons or Sears because the ones near me are small, there’s a huge Leons in Whitby.

  2. Harald says:

    The dimensions are different because the curved doors are taller (they stick up above the main body of the fridge). I dunno why the Energuide numbers are different, but there was one side effect; the lower number (barely) qualifies us for a current government efficiency rebate of about $128.

    We were in a hurry, and didn’t have time to shop around extensively. After looking at several online offerings, Sears had the best price/performance ratio for the stuff we wanted :-)

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