With the price of gas today, it’s no longer worth the drive to Acton…

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  1. Jeff K says:

    You are aware the Old Hyde House has a location on Queen Street? Or was it a general joke? Let’s do the math: You’re yearly gas bill is $1500 @.89/L => 1666L @ 10L/100km => 16660km – 50weeks*5days*40km to/from work = 6660km of personal travel => 133km/week => It was worth the drive to where, exactly?

    Now how about me. Retired 76 Impala with 170000km, ’82 Honda 184000km, 75 TransAm +100000, 87 Mustang 60000km, 89 Topaz 330000, ’95 Intrepid 240000 = 1,084,000km or about $4000/yr for gas in today’s dollars for 24 years.

    Whatever, the facts are straight, but I’m mostly joking to put your “woes” in perspective. In order to get $49.99 DVD players at Walmart, you have to let the Asian countries use some fuel to ship stuff around. (HiFi VCRs in 1991 were about $600).

    …but um, don’t let anyone rip you off! I need all the people I can to care about Hydro & gas & taxes. I’m rather much too busy with my hobbies to spend time worrying about such things. Btw, everything the Liberals have done has been a violation of LAW not just nefarious lying. They’re simply repealing the laws, like good criminals would do.

    As an aside, BitTorrent does not work well for me. The ftp in Mozzila is completely useless, but “Bullet Proof FTP” did an amazing job getting Fedora Core 2. [from] Now all I have to do is install it. Yawn, the sun came up a while ago, didn’t it….?

  2. Jeff K says:

    Doh. It’s on Richmond, I think. Also, I forgot about my 2000 Windstar, 60,000km. Also, you can add in my dearest wife’s km’s if you’re so inclined, which would be another 1/2 dozen cars and about 400,000km.

  3. Jeff K says:
    s/Old Hyde/Olde Hide/ It’s on King street.

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