New Ontario Health Tax

Our take-home pay just dropped by $1500 / year, thanks to the new Ontario budget. That’s my yearly gas bill, for comparison.

This just the new Health Tax; I haven’t calculated the net effect of all the other taxes. Liquor taxes are up, for example.

My benefits are going to cost my employer more, now that they’ve delisted several common services (like eye exams and physiotherapy).


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  1. Jeff K says:

    Yes, but according to the front page article on yesterday’s national post, the average Canadian home owner made $30,000 on paper last year on their homes due to real-estate inflation. Time to draw up a balance sheet and count yourself lucky.

    Anyway, I’m all for a recall election, if only it were legal. Did they make any promises they kept? I think they officially ran out of any semblance of integrity quite some time ago.

    The official excuse of course is that they relied on the previous bunch of liars. Wasn’t a Tory booted out for using the “Liar” word yesterday? It’s like watching monkeys in a zoo.

    Take a pass on the caffeine and the liquor and drown your troubles in Fedora Core 2, which is out. Even using bit torrent, it looks like I won’t have the DVD image downloaded until Thursday. Maybe Qt, PERL & gclibs might actually work in this release.

    This way we can all take advantage of the expanded community mental health services your $1500 is buying when Fedora Core 2 finally drives us crazy.

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