Ok, it’s -22°C right now, colder than it was before sunrise. This is getting silly…

I’m working from home today. After last night’s ugly commute, I couldn’t face another day of slippery conditions and idiot drivers. The plows have been by, but it’s so cold that the salt we normally dump on the roads isn’t working. They’re trying sand, but they’re only really doing the highways right now; city streets (especially side streets) are treacherous.

Anyway, it’s cold. I’m sitting in my dining room, with the bulk of the house to my left and a window to my right. I’m pretty sure there’s a 3-4° temperature differential on opposite sides of my body right now…

Fortunately my laptop is keeping my hands warm. I knew all that excess heat would eventually come in handy!

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  1. Jeff K says:

    -22? Hah, you can call that summer! It’ll be -45C with the wind chill tonight. I too decided to work from home, but I had to go out and buy an electric heater for my office here, the cold draft coming off the windows was a bit annoying (well, I was noodling over ActiveX crap, so I don’t think I could have been more annoyed). Hopefully we don’t blow the province’s power grid tonight! A record 25GW and counting. Speaking of which, there’s a nice chart in the Star today of how we’ll be 20GW short on the supply side in 17 years. Oh well, with no plants planned we’ve got 2 years before the lights go out… permanently.

    Personally, I’d like one of those “smart meters”. I can handle doing the laundry after 8pm. Oh well, off to juice the brain with ER in HD.

  2. Harald says:

    I’m ignoring wind chill, because my house is reasonabl y well sheltered from the wind, and so doesn’t suffer too badly. For that matter, wind chill as a temperature makes less and less sense the colder it gets, because the effects aren’t really the same; watts/m^2 is a better measure.

    It is supposed to drop to -25°C tonight. My thermostat says that the furnace has run for 15 hours (since midnight).

    Electricity is an entire other rant (sitting in Draft status right now), which I’m sure you’ll comment on when it finally comes out :-) But yes, I’d love to have a time-of-day meter also…

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