The Commute: an update

So the week before Christmas I drove once and took the subway once, and did a hybrid once (I drove down with my wife, then hopped the streetcar over to the office). It was about 40 minutes to drive; the expected 1:20 on the TTC.

This week I’m picking up the kids, so I leave the house around 7:15, and leave work by 16:20 or so. Commute times (door to door, where the afternoon door is Bayview Glen) were:

| |_ Morning |_ Evening |
| Monday | 1 hour | 20 minutes |
| Tuesday | 30 minutes | 35 minutes |
| Wednesday | 40 minutes | unknown |
| Thursday | 45 minutes | 30 minutes |
| Friday | 35 minutes | 35 minutes |

Hardly a large sample set, but it is supporting my hypothesis that driving is much faster than TTC. Sure it’s expensive, and environmentally sucks rotten eggs. But I’d rather spend extra time with my family…

Maybe I’ll pick one day a week to TTC, so that I can get some reading done. :-)

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  1. Jeff K says:

    Well according to:
    you can get to Union station in 24 minutes from your place via Go Train.

    I forget the rates, but as I recall the GO train is only cheaper than the car if you include (some) parking.

  2. Harald says:

    Yes, I know; I used to take the GO train most days. It’s the getting from Union station to King & Strachan that makes that option less palatable; there’s either TTC it (20-30 minutes, plus an extra $2.00 fee) or walk it (35-40 minutes in good weather only). I’m supposed to be able to catch a second GO train from Union to the CNE, but in practice the Richmond Hill train is always late enough that I’d miss the connection.

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