Geek Alert

I’m sitting in the food court of the Toronto Stock Exchange building, using a “BWireless”: 802.11b wireless Ethernet access point, checking my email and posting this entry. I even bought something online :-)

It’s performing quite well, once I moved out from under the overhang; apparently the AP is actually in their store (which is upstairs) so you get better signal in the open part of the food court.

That’s my geek moment for the day.

posted at 3:02 pm on Friday, December 12, 2003 in Personal | Comments (3)


  1. Ha!

    Good deal

  2. Catspaw says:

    I certainly hope that you chalked the access point. Poor Toronto has a serious lack of warchalkers. :(

  3. Harald says:

    Why would I? It’s a publically advertised commercial access point…

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