Well, we broke last year’s record of $400. Our family just spend $600 at the annual school fundraiser at Chapters. Of course, $200 (before discounts) of it was the new Far Side collection :-)

I would have spent more, but they didn’t have some of the books on my “wish list”: in stock, the bums…

posted at 10:49 pm on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 in Books | Comments (2)


  1. Jeff K says:

    Hm, has it for ~ $110 CDN
    (ISBN: 0740721135)

  2. Harald says:

    Apparently there’s a $25 (list) premium for buying in Canada, probably because the exchange rate has dropped so much recently. Anyway, I still got it for 40% off, I didn’t have to pay shipping, and it _was_ for a fundraiser…

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