Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

Critters’ Journey a Lesson in Currents”:

bq. Back in 1992, a violent storm tossed 20 containers of rubber duckies off the back of a cargo ship halfway between China and Seattle, and they were quickly presumed lost at sea. Instead, it appears the castaways embarked on an epic 11-year swim across three oceans and half the globe.

A couple of researchers have taken the opportunity, and are using duck sightings to update their computer models. Cool!

[ Title and link shamelessly swiped from Brian Dickson. ]

posted at 11:51 am on Sunday, August 31, 2003 in Odd | Comments (1)

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  1. Just shows that scientific experiments can be conducted with a minimum of resources — and lots of creativity & pragmatism.

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