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Interesting log entries: - - [31/Aug/2003:04:33:37 -0400] "GET /chk/archives/20030205152634.html" - - [31/Aug/2003:04:35:23 -0400] "POST /chk/cgi/mt-comments.cgi" - - [31/Aug/2003:04:45:06 -0400] "POST /chk/cgi/mt-comments.cgi" - - [31/Aug/2003:04:45:10 -0400] "GET /chk/archives/000203.html"

It took almost two minutes for some loser to type the latest pr0n-based comments spam into my comments form and post it, then s/he spent 9 minutes previewing the comment before saving it? Yeesh.

I would have been much less surprised if it had all happened in seconds; Given the initial Google search for “blog 2003 august Name: Email Address: URL: Comments:“, it would be trivially easy to automate posting a comment via movabletype’s CGI interface. I suppose I should be happy that it isn’t automated; I’d have to then write the corresponding automated delete tool… *sigh.

It probably doesn’t matter, but <PLONK> regardless.

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