Good Weather and 802.11b

So I’m sittin’ on the Group W bench…

No! I mean I’m sitting on the front porch, reading e-mail and writing this blog entry; my daughter (home from school today, remember?) is playing on the sidewalk. We’re waiting for the towels and swimsuits to dry, so that we can pack them up and head to the park for the rest of the afternoon before swim class.

It’s _summer_ out here, about 25°C and _sunny_. It’s only going to last today, apparently; tomorrow’s forecast is for a high of 16°C in the morning, them falling to 0°C with a freezing rain warning, so I’m enjoying the weather while it lasts.

I’ve discovered that my 802.11b only works with the front door open. It is steel; apparently it blocks just enough of the signal from the hub when it is closed. Defintely time to move the hub from the basement to the living room :-)

It’s a rough life, I know.

[ Update: it didn’t get that cold, and no freezing rain… ]

posted at 2:33 pm on Tuesday, April 15, 2003 in Personal | Comments (2)


  1. Reid Ellis says:

    Hey, you missed a ‘;’ in one of your ”&deg”s.

    Btw, I *really* like the new page layout. How does it look under Netscape 4 et al?

  2. Harald says:

    I’ve tried IE6 and Mozilla. IE5 has some minor problems with CSS, but I don’t think I trigger any of those bugs. I’vealso tried it without a stylesheet, and it is presentable.

    It’s presentable in my old Netscape 4.7 at work (the same as no stylesheet at all), but I haven’t tried any of the Mac browsers :-)

    Im glad you like it. It started as a proof-of-concept (the floating titles) and progressed into a full-fledged re-vamp. I cleaned up some of the HTML in the process, and there’s more I want to do there, but it’ll have to wait for another day…

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