A Weight Milestone

I am officially no longer “overweight”! My BMI has dropped below 25 as of today’s weigh-in.

Wee ha! And now, to celebrate: stuffed mushrooms, caesar salad, a large steak, baked potato with all the trimmings, and (of course) cherry cheesecake for dessert. To say nothing of the bottle of wine.

Wow, there’s a fantasy image! That’d certainly push me back over. All things considered, I don’t really want it, either. Well, excepting the cheescake.

Wow, I’m strange.

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  1. l.m.orchard says:

    Damn – congrats! I just followed a ping you sent my way and saw your weight graph on the side there. That’s pretty much what I want to do, go from about 235 to 190 at least. Have any secrets? Or just plain exercise and careful eating?

  2. Harald says:

    No special secrets; the answer to any weight loss is simply “calories consumed must be less than calories burned” :-)

    Unlike many other “fad diets” that I’ve seen over the years, the Weight Watchers program works; they gave me the tools I needed to keep track my food consumption. That in turn gives me the ability to intelligently choose what to eat, to avoid high-calorie foods, and to control hunger.

    I recommend giving them a try.

  3. Walt Ludwick says:

    Hey, Harald: Yo da man! As even the good folks at Weight Watchers would have to say (tho i can’t speak for them, i know the party line pretty well ;-) “Results Not Typical.” In fact, the rate of weight loss you sustained all the way to goal provides ample testimony to the fact that you are a very determined guy. The program works, if you work it – which too many people do not, alas. Congratulations are definitely in order. Now, please keep us posted as to how the transition to maintenance is going for you (some people may think as your graph goes flatline, “end of story,” right? If only it were as simple as that in practice! :-)

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