IPv6 again

I discovered that I was actually using IPv6 (quite successfully) when I turned it off and a bunch of things broke :-)

So the state now is:

  • I’ve re-enabled IPv6 on the cfrq.net network.
  • I’ve disabled IPv6 on Windows, since that’s what was really bugging me.
  • I’m still running Apache 1.3.26; it supports PHP, and I haven’t rebuilt PHP for Apache 2.0.40 yet.
  • I’ve shot zebra dead as a doornail, and I’m back to using static routes. With my CIPE patch for detecting the liveliness of the network connection, this gives me relatively efficient routing even in the face of my ever mobile laptop.

The experiment continues…

posted at 3:05 pm on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 in General | Comments Off on IPv6 again

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