Desktop Linux?

So RedHat 8.0 is out, and supposedly (according to the reviews) has a nicer desktop experience than in the past.

Windows is vexing me.

There are two versions of WINE floating around now; one that will run most OpenGL games, and the other that supports MS Office, and will run many multimedia browser plugins under Mozilla.

The only thing I really use Windows for (at home) these days is browsing, games, a couple of relatively innocuous utilities, and the enormous Excel spreadsheet that is my Rolemaster character.

Conclusion: it’s time to attempt, once again, the Linux-only laptop. First, I have to liberate some “copious spare time”….

posted at 3:09 pm on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 in General | Comments (1)

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  1. Reid Ellis says:

    Hey, you should move that spreadsheet to Gnumeric!

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