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I’ve just discovered an annoying ‘feature’; in fact, one that many/most other feed readers had some version of, and the reason I stuck with Sharpreader for so long…

Google Reader automatically marks as ‘read’ any entries more than a month old.

Sometimes there are articles I want to be able to find again; because I want to read them with more attention, because I need more time to act on them, because I want to blog them, etc. etc.. I’ve been leaving them as “unread”, but I guess I’ll have to develop a different habit instead. “Starred items” is already overloaded. In some other feed readers I could add a “TODO” or “important” tag to the entry, but that doesn’t seem to be possible in Google. I see that I can email them to myself, although I’d rather not have to use two applications for this…

OTOH, I suppose if I haven’t gotten a round tuit after a month, it wasn’t really that important :-)

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  1. David B says:

    you can give a tag to anything (see bottom R of any item) but I don’t know if that will save it from deletion after a month.

  2. Helge Koch says:

    Get AZZCadfile. Open a new card. Call it “something”. Copy the Google item to it and go back to it any time you want. When finished, delete. I do this with computer tech items from Ziff Davis all the time. Real easy. Helge

  3. Helge Koch says:

    Sorry about that left out the “r”. It is AZZcardfile. Helge

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