Wow, September is always busy! The kids are back at school, which drags in morning practice and afternoon games, as well as curriculum presentations from the school, play dates, et cetera :).

Between the Terry Fox run and helping a friend carry stuff to an art show, last weekend was volunteer weekend. At least we stayed dry; Ike showed up on Sunday night just as we were carting jewelry and display cases to the car.

This weekend is Charlotte’s birthday party _and_ The Taste of Ajax, where the Toronto Kite Fliers are performing, so I’m off to help with both of those. The next weekend is Fall Fest at Bayview Glen, at which we are running a kite making workshop, and the weekend after that is the Toronto (international) Kite Festival, which this year is not international, and is actually part of Fall Fest at Downsview. But we’re still running a kite workshop. Hopefully some of the volunteers from BVG will come out to Downsview to work some of their mandatory community service hours…

Next weekend is also my dad’s retirement party, which fortunately is going to be a small affair. And then there’s all of the tasks that need to be done before the cold arrives, both inside and out.

At least in the old days, once harvest was finished, and winter prep was done, you could sit around and relax for a couple of months until spring. But October has Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en costumes; November has many birthdays (including mine :), not to mention Christmas shopping…

I’m not complaining, of course. All of this stuff adds up to a _good_ busy, after all!

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