It’s been 5 long and blissfully problem-free years, but now it’s time to find a new host for For various unimportant reasons, my server needs to move out of the server room it’s been hiding in. I have a few options:

* see if I can find another free host. Unlikely.
* follow Reid’s footsteps and switch home ISPs to one that allows servers. He’s had a lot of problems with that over the years, but I’ll consider it.
* Move to a virtual server provider (e.g. Linode or Tektonic). I already have a Tektonic VPS, but now we’re talking about real money ($15-$20 per month).

I may have to evict some of my high-resource tenants in the process, which sucks… Still, I can hardly complain, having found free hosting in one place or another for about 15 years now!!!

posted at 8:12 pm on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 in Site News | Comments (2)


  1. Greg Wilson says:

    I’m looking at moving my two domains ( and off the aging Linux box in Jonah’s machine room, and onto Dreamhost or something similar — if you come across any good deals, I’d be grateful for a ping (and I’ll ping back if I find any).

  2. wjr says:

    What are your bandwidth and storage needs? I’m happy to add more virtual hosts to my ISP is quite happy with servers.

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