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I cleaned out the garage a few weekends ago. I hauled everything out, sorted it into four piles (the usual trio of throw out, give away, keep; plus recycle). Then I put it all back in! Fortunately the majority of it was trash; stuff we’d never gotten around to sorting through after the chaos of our move from Treverton, plus other detritus acquired over the years. (There’s always something more important to do than clean out the garage :-). I even found a box of old printouts from fourth-year computer science; I though I’d ditched all of that stuff a long time ago! At least these days it gets recycled…

Since then I’ve been hauling garbage and recycling to the curb every Tuesday morning. One more week of garbage pickup should give me the space required to store the trailer; good thing, since we pick it up from the dealer on June 2nd. I still need to take one more trip to the transfer station; got some more old (dead) monitors to get rid of, as well as a box of misc. hazardous waste.

Of course, there’s still too much stuff in the garage; we have two desks, part of a bed, an ancient kitchen table that’s probably worth real money to an antique dealer, and a few more boxes that still need to be sorted. Like Gerry and Diana, we’ve reached the conclusion that we need a shed to reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be temporarily removed to get the trailer into (or out of :) the garage…

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  1. Nita says:

    When do you need the table gone? (Wondering if I can contact my brother in law, who’s an antique dealer – if nothing else to provide some semi-useful info).

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