kick me!

My car has a “Kick Me!” sign on the back; I’m convinced of this. Or maybe it has glasses with tape across the bridge…

My _fourth_ interaction with an idiot driver who insisted that he go in front of me, despite the vast, prarie-like expanse of empty road behind my car, almost ended in an accident.

Picture me following close behind the Jeep Cherokee in front of me. In fact, I’m technically tailgating, since there is less than a car-length between him and me. Picture at least 150′ of empty lane behind me. Picture the guy who, completing a right turn beside my car, first accelerates, and then starts “aggressively drifting” across the lines into my lane (without signalling, of course).

I honked at him, to remind him that there was actually a _car_ already occupying the space he was trying to claim. Apparently he is deaf as well as blind, because he proceeded to try to _force_ his way into the gap that was too small for his car!! Fortunately the lane to _my_ left was empty.. several more horn blasts were required before he gave up.

At which point he accellerated again and jumped in front of the Jeep.

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  1. Jeff K says:

    I’ve been tooling around various cities with my GPS recently. Detroit, Salt Lake City, Buffalo, Toronto, Niagara Falls (ON), and I am just finishing up a week in Montreal, and heading to New York City tomorrow. Toronto and environs has uniquely bad drivers in it. I seem to fit in Montreal, but the GPS is so efficient I get to where I want quickly in Montreal, and I do spend more time near Toronto. This year I’ve personally witnessed (as it happens) and old-kook side swipe a car at 7 & Weston, A roll-over with passenger ejection at hwy 48 & Duclos Pt. Road, and a 60km/h T-bone collision in Richmond Hill and a Truck-on-truck rear-ender on the 404 at Finch. I have also seen quite a few people run red lights without actually getting wiped-out (who appear to be looking down the street to the next set of lights, not the ones that are of immediate concern to them). I humbly think this is because I am observant.

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