‘e’s back!

A most excellent, if short, time off was had.

It was busy, of course, but a different sort of busy than work, which was very nice. After the usual flurry of family Christmases, I spent a couple of days helping my dad move his office and put up window blinds, and a day of computer maintenance. We spent two days finding our house so that we could host a New Years Eve party (we still hadn’t found all of the rooms after the Great Window Replacement of December 2005 :-). C. was a real trooper; she tidied up two _rooms_ all by herself! I’m hoping to keep the house tidy; we’re back down to having three rooms that need major work, which is nice.

The NYE party was smaller than usual, but that was ok; I think we had almost as many kids as adults in the house! Let me tell you, 4 girls jumping up and down and screaming at midnight is a terrifying sight. Sunday was the annual (legendary) CFRQ brunch of champions, where I ate too much and then spent half the day holding tools and flashlights for the intrepid electricians. An abortive trip to IKEA yesterday completed the week, and now I’m back in cubicle hell.

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