good weekend

other than the chest cold :-)

Saturday we arose long before dawn to get the boy up and dressed for his soccer tournament. Dropped him off at the school bus, spun past Tim Hortons, and watched the sun rise somewhere around the QEW and Ford Drive. Fortunately, the day was sunny and warm. The kids played four awesome games, and BVG ended up winning the first ever Under 10 “C” tournament! This was the first year they had enough “C” teams for a tournament; in previous years they’ve had to mix the “C” and “B” teams into a single tournament. Naturally the kids were very excited…

After that, we dropped by the Dyments farm near Dundas to select pumpkins. Of course we had to ride the haywagon, and play in the hay fort, and run through the corn maze… fun was had by all.

As if that wasn’t enough to cram into a single day, we then flew home to Fairview Mall to watch Wallace and Grommit (and yes, the adults laughed at all of the adult-only jokes. “May contain nuts” indeed :-).

Unfortunately, all of that running around left us tired and grumpy, and we had a group fight before bed. Other than that, a perfect day…

Today was pumpkin carving, and a spot of laundry, and lawn mowing, as October continues to be unseasonably warm. And with the time change, I hope we won’t have trouble getting out of bed on Monday, for a change!

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