Heavy Weather

I found five water leaks in my house today (three of them I already knew about) as a heavy thunderstorm trundled overhead for almost 90 minutes, apparently dumping 100mm of rain. (Even if I had a rain gauge, it wouldn’t have been accurate, what with the rain travelling sideways and all). The two new leaks are from the heavy rain; one was a leak behind the flashing on the garage roof, that ran down the inside wall of the garage and into the basement. The other was water spraying sideways out of cracks in a partially blocked downspout.

Meanwhile, it took the kids 90 minutes to get home from camp, because of accidents and severe floods on the highway. Which means they were in the schoolbus for the worst of the storms. Surprisingly, they weren’t completely freaked; I guess they’re getting used to it.

There were tornado warnings, and apparently a touchdown in Scarborough. The winds were relatively mild here; we had a few power flickers, but no outage (and no tree branches down). On the other hand, the nearby valley, which normally has an underground stream, was a neck-deep lake…

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