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In “an article about the difference between the best programmers and the mediocre”:http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/HighNotes.html, this paragraph made me laugh out loud:

bq. In some other industries, cheap is more important than good. Wal*Mart grew to be the biggest corporation on Earth by selling cheap products, not good products. If Wal*Mart tried to sell high quality goods, their costs would go up and their whole cheap advantage would be lost. For example if they tried to sell a tube sock that can withstand the unusual rigors of, say, being washed in a washing machine, they’d have to use all kinds of expensive components, like, say, cotton, and the cost for every single sock would go up.

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  2. Jeff K says:

    I’m not too sure why you like what that Joel has to say. Yes he makes me laugh, but you don’t want to know why. Well that whole iPod orgasm of his was pretty laughable for one.

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