melting ice cream

I was standing in the store with melting ice cream, so decided to brave the relatively normal thunderstorm and run to the car. Of course the storm picks that moment to intensify!

In the 30 seconds it took me to run to the car and load the groceries, I was as wet as if I had just jumped into a swimming pool with all of my clothes on. Halfway through the parking lot an evil self-propelled buggy tried to take out my car, but I mananged to avoid it. Shortly after that I realized just how bad the storm was; there was an entire tree lying on the wrong side of the road (i.e. it snapped off and blew all the way across)!

On the plus side, I now have evidence of just how efficient my spiffy summer tires are at shedding water. Even at 20km/h, my tires shower the sidewalk (and pedestrians) whenever the water gets deep. Mu ha ha!

*Update:* the ice cream (with fresh strawberries) was very good :-)

*Update 2:* I’m not the only one:


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