car finalé

I have a car again!

My mechanic couldn’t find a rim quickly, so he put the bent wheel at the back of the car, where the vibration is less noticable. I picked up the car last night (I took the GO train to Langstaff, then took a GO bus north; I miss the GO train!). The brake lines weren’t quite as bad as we had feared; he only had to replace them from the middle of the car back. As for the radiator, apparently it’s common. The antifreeze that Daewoo used was unusually acidic. It eats away at everything; he’s had cylinder blocks in the shop that look like swiss cheese… It’s a good thing I did the cooling system flush when the lube guy recommended it, or my car would be in worse shape than it is!

Anyway, total damage <$1000 taxes included! (sigh of relief).

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