So my daughter was excited about today’s Da Vinci Google logo; apparently they were talking about his birthday in art class today.


Should I be afraid that my 6-year old knows how to “Google”: ?

posted at 8:02 pm on Friday, April 15, 2005 in Links, Personal | Comments (2)


  1. StickHippo says:

    These days, I think you should be afraid if she _doesn’t_. ;-)

  2. Jeff K says:

    Y’know in the early 90’s retailers were avoiding programs that required much typing and also totally shunned mice (because the employees they hired had no such skills). Today, computers are in day cares all over the place. As for worries? Well my 9 year old asked me how to make the SIMS2 families have babies (!!!) but in the sense of bringing a baby into the family to take care of! Auuuuggghhh. The 3 year old said, “Make him go potty” about one of the characters in SIMS2. Google ain’t the half of it. But you can be afraid. It’s the parent thing to do.

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