scalable enterprise marketing solution

Worthwhile: Oh why cahn’t the marketers … learn … to … speak

This sounds like the underpants gnomes:

1). Scalable Enterprise ? Solution
3). Profit!

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  1. Debbie says:

    That’s one scary posting title. And I can so identify. When I worked for a, my supervisor was the head of Marketing. I often felt as if we were speaking different languages.

  2. Jeff K says:

    Scalability is an important concept, however marketing is full of double-speak. Unfortunately, however, *every* technical field is loaded with evolving language. I found it funny watching a [otherwise unnotable] movie the other day where grandpa was talking about how he souped up his Dodge Charger to his grandson who had a souped up Japanese car and the grandson said, “You’re speaking a dead language grandpa”.

    There are other more sinister word meaning changes I’ve found. What is “paranoia” to a layman is now “delusion” to a psychiatrist see:
    (I checked that in 2 modern psychiatry texts, btw).

    That should be quite useful in flame wars, I’ll bet.. isn’t the evolution of language grand?

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