Space, Stargate, MythTV

Space is showing all 22 episodes of “Stargate:SG1”: “Season 6”: on Christmas night/Boxing Day.

With my “MythTV”: box, 22 hours is about 48Gb, which I should have free by then, since every other show will be in re-runs.

Of course, I’ll still have to find time to _watch_ them… :-)

_Update_: I made enough space by deleting old shows, and moving about eight hours of stuff to an old 20Gb harddrive. I’m exactly halfway through watching season six now. Season seven sure makes more sense when you’ve seen this stuff!

I could never have done this with the VCR, at least not without staying up all night to change tapes. Woo hoo!

posted at 10:52 pm on Monday, January 03, 2005 in Personal, TV | Comments (1)

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