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Ok, so it turns out that all (well, 125 of 126 :-) of the spam I’m getting these days is coming through my address. The greylisting is working fine, in other words :-)

It’s been great having a portable email address, but now that I pay real money for my own domains, maybe it is time to switch over. I can do more accurate spam filtering on my personal server than they can on their shared servers Unfortunately, the massive spam volumes floating around these days are forcing us to these drastic measures. I’m beginning to believe the pessimists; e-mail is dying…

posted at 10:57 pm on Sunday, August 08, 2004 in General, Security, Site News | Comments (1)

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  1. Re: oops
    So after looking at “the mail I accidentally misfiled”: there were, in fact, about 150 spam (almost 50%). has completely revamped their spam filtering service since I last looked; I can n…

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