Soy Bad, Soy Good

bq. From a nutritional standpoint, you should think of soy in two categories: soy that is non-fermented, and soy that is fermented. The troubles I’ve documented on this site are associated with using primarily processed, non-fermented soy foods such as soy milk, flour, nuts, baby formula and the many soy products that have been flooding the market recently.

bq. However, studies have shown traditionally fermented soy–which is the form that is wildly popular in many Asian cultures–aids in preventing and reducing a variety of diseases including certain forms of heart disease and cancers.

(More at Soy Bad, Soy Good: What You Must Know When Considering Soy-Based Foods)

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  1. szilvia says:

    I was wondering if all those soy products on the market could use fermented soy? I wrote the companies and they said the tempeh uses fermented soy but none of the other products. I wonder why not is it not possible or they just don’t care? They just think of the money and market those products as healthy?

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