Traffic Analysis

We actually didn’t get that much traffic last night from the slashdot crowd, other than one Australian tool who kept fetching image files over and over again with various random query arguments. 1734 fetches of one image; 1144 fetches of a slightly larger one. It might have been a browser bug, but somehow I doubt it. It was single-handedly responsible for about 250Mb of traffic in a few minutes; Fortunately that was at 1AM, so I don’t think anyone would have noticed. Into the black hole…

Meanwhile, some other jerk in Japan has been downloading over and over again from, resulting in almost a gigabyte of traffic in the last two days!!! He downloaded the same (large) pages, over and over again (200 or so times each), sometimes minutes apart; Unbelievable! Also into the black hole…

By comparison, total combined traffic from _and_ all traffic for the referenced paper is only about 180Mb in the last week. Even without the redirects in place, we would only have transferred between 170Mb and 480Mb of additional data (depending on the number of clients that support gzip compression).

I hate computers :-)

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