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In Personal Spam Volume: over 1GB/year Jeremy Zawodny extrapolates his spam load over a year to 1GB. Curious, I pulled out my procmail logs, which apparently go back to April 9th of last year. They tell me that I received a total of 1.2GB of email in the last year (well, slightly less), of which 100Mb (about 8.5%) was spam.

On the other hand, load for the last three months is 220Mb of email, of which 22Mb is spam. So my total email volume is dropping (I left some high noise, high traffic lists last fall), but the percentage of spam has increased from 8.5% to 10%. A small dataset to be sure, but a disturbing trend.

btw, this does not include spam rejected by postfix; the log analyser tells me that I’m dropping about 10% of the total email before it gets accepted…

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